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Why do we need a dedicated media server?
Any computer can function as a media server, as long as it is powerful enough to run the player software. However, to get the maximum quality out of media files a powerful and QUIET base computer is essential. The noise added in the typical computer in the form of switching power supplies, fans, noisy hard drives,etc. can be readily heard throught the typical high end audio system, as well as seen on high quality video displays. Perfect-Bit has optimized each server system to provide the maximum playback performance for your media files.

What makes Perfect-Bit different from the other media server companies?
Perfect-Bit, as a division of Ace Computers, is able to leverage the technology expertise, manufacturing precision, and buying power of Ace Computers, one of the most respected providers in the business. Ace has the resources to custom configure any server configuration you can imagine. Need a 64 CPU server? Ace can do that. Need a custom BIOS and motherboard? Ace can do that. Smaller companies with smaller manufacturing output simply can’t compete.

Why are Perfect-Bit servers sold through dealers only?
A media server is a complex component, and needs an installer with the necessary expertise to properly configure the server to optimize its performance. All dealer of Perfect-Bit servers are trained and have the know-how to properly install Perfect-Bit servers.

What is the warranty on Perfect-Bit servers?
Perfect-Bit has the longest warranty in the business, 5 years. We can also provide on-location repair if needed. No other media server company can match this level of support.