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Why Our Servers are the best

The media server market is large and diverse, from microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi to a multitude of dedicated units, most of which are “locked down” Linux based machines with no upgrade path forward. So why would you pick the Pefect-Bit servers? Here are a few reasons.

Our parent company, Ace Computers is a leading provider of information technology solutions and one of the Top 100 Custom System Builders in the U.S. The federal government; Fortune 500 corporations; educational institutions; and state and local governments rely on Ace Computers to meet their technology challenges with intelligent solutions.

The federal government; Fortune 500 corporations; educational institutions; and state and local governments rely on Ace Computers to meet their technology challenges through intelligent solutions. We provide custom server solutions for many government agencies. Need a server with 64 CPUs? We can do that! With over 27000 square feet of production space, no job is too large for our leading-edge facility. We are not someone building servers in a garage.

Ace Computers carved a niche by anticipating clients´ needs and reacting quickly to provide the highest quality computer products, supplies and services at competitive prices. Three decades later, Ace Computers continues to meet the technology challenges of our clients with intelligent solutions.

Ace began to focus on the public sector market in the mid 1990´s, pursuing government contracts and opportunities across federal, military, state & local government, and educational institutions. Ace has expanded further into the market, offering high-end consumer products and selected 3rd party products by launching Ace Technology Partners, LLC in the new millenium, gaining significant traction with the award of the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) Computer Contract in 2009 (and the subsequent award of the NASPO ValuePoint Contract in 2015), as well as the successful ISO 9001 certification in 2009 (and ISO 9001:2008 recertification in 2012 and 2015), leading to the award of the NETCENTS 2 PRODUCTS contract in 2013, and the SEWP V contract in 2015.

Ace Computer´s CEO, John Samborski, P.E. is a widely recognized IT innovator and expert. Since founding Ace Computers, he has worked closely with top industry leaders to develop the highest quality, most cost-effective custom products and services. Under his leadership, Ace Computers continues to top the list as one of the country’s largest system builders for storage and server systems. Mr. Samborski is a founding member of the Intel Premier Board of Advisors. He held additional advisory board seats with AMD, Seagate, BenQ, Western Digital, NEC Display, Targus and Logitech. Mr. Samborski has also received Gartner Awards for New Business Innovation, Customer Care, and Vision.


Why do we need a dedicated media server?

Any computer can function as a media server, as long as it is powerful enough to run the player software. However, to get the maximum quality out of media files a powerful and QUIET base computer is essential. The noise added in the typical computer in the form of switching power supplies, fans, noisy hard drives,etc. can be readily heard throught the typical high end audio system, as well as seen on high quality video displays. Perfect-Bit has optimized each server system to provide the maximum playback performance for your media files.


Why a Windows based server?

We at Perfect-Bit feel the very best audiophile sound, and the very best videophile video, comes from the Windows PC platform. We design our servers to have the absolute lowest noise floor, with proprietary shielding techniques, custom wiring, and the lowest noise power supplies.

We believe the powerful CPUs we use in our servers are better than the specialized chips and software/firmware in the world’s most expensive CD/SACD/BluRay players and proprietary servers from other companies. Additionally, since the audio/video computer files are played from RAM or SSD, there is no audio or video noise created by a mechanical drive. Noise is the enemy of fidelity, see our notes below.

The Perfect-Bit media server is a Windows-based unit using the very best hardware components, software, and design. We can also provide endless customization options, let us know what you want and we can build it.


Why is low noise important?


Signal noise in a computer audio system has the ability to cause havoc with accurate sound and video reproduction. This electrical noise can inject itself onto analog or digital signals and wreak havoc with correct signal transmission. This miscommunication between components, as with all kinds of miscommunication, can lead to any number of unforeseen, unintended consequences.

Signal noise is any unwanted interference that degrades a communication signal. Signal noise can interfere with both analog and digital signals; however, the amount of noise necessary to affect a digital signal is higher, since digital signals communicate using a smaller subset of signals, namely the ones and zeros of a digital signal. Signal noise injected onto the digital communication will add or detract from the expected signal value, thus causing errors when the signal is not low noise. Digital signals are resistant to error because of signal correction, but the timing errors and jitter introduced are clearly both audible and visible with high resolution ancillary equipment, such as high end audio components.

Noise injection can occur anywhere in the system and at any physical location in which the circuit is exposed. Our knowledge of cabling and shielding, as well as our use of low noise power supplies and components, have allowed us to minimize such noise injection. Our Inductive Ground Plane (IGP) also provides an additional path to ground for stray EMI, while our high quality cabling assures the minimum wire induced currents and noise.

Any power supply generates electro-magnetic-interference ("EMI") which can most effectively be eliminated with shielding. Our use of an external shielded linear power supply allows us to boast industry leading <1mV peak-to-peak noise voltage, further contributing to our low noise platform. We also minimize EMI as well as inherent physical noise from the spinning platters of the typical hard drive by using the fastest solid-state drives internally, which also have additional digital filtering on their data connections.


What makes Perfect-Bit different from the other media server companies?

Perfect-Bit, as a division of Ace Computers, is able to leverage the technology expertise, manufacturing precision, and buying power of Ace Computers, one of the most respected providers in the business. Ace has the resources to custom configure any server configuration you can imagine. Need a 64 CPU server? Ace can do that. Need a custom BIOS and motherboard? Ace can do that. Smaller companies with smaller manufacturing output simply can’t compete.


Why are Perfect-Bit servers sold through dealers only?

A media server is a complex component, and needs an installer with the necessary expertise to properly configure the server to optimize its performance. All dealer of Perfect-Bit servers are trained and have the know-how to properly install Perfect-Bit servers.


What is the warranty on Perfect-Bit servers?

Perfect-Bit has the longest warranty in the business, 5 years. We can also provide on-location repair if needed. No other media server company can match this level of support.